Entrepreneur Wes Winarski

Born in Niagara Falls NY, and raised in Toronto Canada. While in college, I owned and operated car washes throughout southern Ontario and at a very young age, I began to understand and employ the concepts of “leverage”. In 1997, I sold my car wash business and moved to Texas where I established a Recreational Vehicle business and began to cater to the growing needs of the baby boomer population referred to as “Snow Birds”. A full service RV maintenance & repair service including what I knew best, washing and waxing. I employed mobile detailing teams that traveled from Corpus Christi to Dallas and across Louisiana to New Orleans and all points between. When the economy began to change I diversified into other streams of income as any successful entrepreneur would do keeping myself open to emerging trends and opportunities.

In 2005 this entrepreneurial journey took me to the office furniture business in New Orleans and Mississippi after the devastation a Hurricane known as “Katrina”. It was during that time that I met and helped many people get back on their feet after such destruction and devastation. A friendship that was formed during that period connected with me a year later in spring 2006 and asked a simple question. “Do you look at other ways of making money? Do you have any interest in earning a strong 6 figure income?” The rest was history. I quickly realized the Affiliate Marketing lifestyle which combined time and financial freedom while empowering the same concepts of leverage I had already been employing over the past 15 years. I now had the ability to do it without having many of the common challenges that many “traditional entrepreneurs” face on a daily basis.

Now armed with a laptop and a cell phone I began to earn a living anywhere in the world I choose. I was at the right place at the right time to benefit from the evolution of what now is a 450 billion dollar industry, and in more detail the intersection of Social Media & SaaS (Software as a Service) or Cloud Computing. These “recession proof” services began to provide me the opportunity I had been searching for. I was earning a full time income without the headaches of a traditional M-F 9-5 J.O.B. It was also a no brainer because everyone who has a computer was already a part of this trend (GMAIL, Yahoo!. eBay, and Amazon just to name a few)

I currently reside in St Petersburg Florida often I can be found a local outdoor restaurant on the water or under a tiki bar on the beach with my laptop and cell phone.

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